beware: shady people are everwhere.

February 4, 2009

I am a nice person.  
I am a very nice person. 
I am too nice of a person.

I am a sucka. If there is anything I hate worse in the 22 years I’ve been alive, it’s being a sucka. I’m so nice it hurts. Yes there are times when I’d like to say what’s on my mind and be the true boss bitch that I know I can be, but I never do it. Why? Not because I actually care what anyone has to say about my bitchy behavior, but more so because I see what bitchy behavior does to people. My mother was a bitchy individual, and her attitude cost her her family and a boat load of friends. It’s also a big reason why I have zero communication with her at the present moment. I don’t want to even come close to being like that.

Instead of taking the ‘shady’ approach to life, I’ve adopted my fathers OG methodology of thinking: Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Duh. My Dad is a big believer in turning the other cheek to foolishness. Being the deeply spiritual person that he is, he’s always believed that God would always defend our honor so we wouldn’t have too. I was raised like this. Therefore this is unfortunately the way I think. 

I want to be a bitch. I really do. I want to tell all these sketchy individuals I happen to always come in contact with that they can politely go to hell, kick rocks, crash and burn, drop dead, but I cannot.  That would be me going against everything my father’s taught me. Because that would mean me fighting my battle and not allowing God to do it…

I just wish God would hurry up and knock these hoes out.


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