February 6, 2009

So it’s almost 8pm, and I’m outside the door to my house sitting on the steps. Why, you ask? Well because I forgot my keys this morning when I RAN out of my house on my way to school. You see, kind reader, I have what some may call insomnia. It’s this evil little thing that renders you completely unable to get any sort of sleep at night, and when you are finally able to get some shut eye, your body doesn’t wake up when it’s suppose to because it hasn’t rested to it’s full potential. Not really the text book definition but you get my drift. 

Anyhoo, I woke up late this morning, about 15 minutes before my class was scheduled to start, looked at the clock, panicked, and hightailed it out of my house clothed with crap from the floor and looking a hot ass mess. I made it to class on time though. 

I always get this sinking feeling that I’ve forgotten something. The overwhelming sickness comes every time I leave an establishment en route to another one. I always feel like I’ve left something behind or forgot to do something or whatever. A quick checklist through the brain usually concludes with me figuring out that I have everything I need, but today I don’t know what happened.

This is just my luck. I have a really productive and enjoyable day and something always has to be fucked up with it. It’s sad actually. Someone could come up to me tomorrow and say, ‘hey, here’s a million bucks’ and I’ll most definitely reply back…’Ok who died?’. That just the weird part about my life, for every step forward there seems to be something to push me two steps back. It’s like I can never have the opportunity to believe in myself too much because theirs always something to bring a sistah back down to earth. 

Ok. 2 more hours until my dad comes home. Great.


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