finally some good news.

February 9, 2009

This has been a good weekend. The sugary goodness was unexpected, but the best things in my life are always surprises. Otherwise I’d totally take them for granted.

Just a quick recap: I had a good time Friday night, shaking my ass and drank WAY too much (my recollections of that evening are still fuzzy). Although I was severely hung over and spent the day in bed with a killer headache, Saturday wasn’t too shabby either. I confirmed with my secret lover Asshole Agnew that I will be the new blogger for his online magazine Jenesis and I also received an email from the Executive Editor of M.I.S.S Crew stating that I’ll be brought on as an Intern for them as well. Epic SCORE! 

It doesn’t end there. Sunday (today!) I finally felt well enough to go out and get that tattoo that I’ve been wanting for awhile. It’s small and sweet, but it speaks to the struggle I’ve been having recently. I got the word ‘courage’ tattooed on my wrist because I’ve been needing a dose of it to get through the past couple of weeks. If  you’ve read my past posts you should understand why. 

Wow things are sure beginning to look up. Hopefully they’ll get better though. There’s no where else to go but up from here. I’ve got a renewed faith in this life I’ve got. Woo!


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