feel the burn.

February 10, 2009

Things are going well. Almost too well to be honest. When my life seems to be taking a turn for the better, some unfortunate incidence will rear its ugly cynical head singing ‘I told you so’. 

I apoligize for my cynicism. If there is anything experience has taught me it’s 3 valuable lessons” 1) Trust no one 2) When life gives you lemons, pain that shit gold, and 3) With every breakthrough there is always another obstacle to overcome. The point of these three lessons is, I trust no one until the prove they can be trusted, and I believe nothing until I see it. 

It’s gotta be like this. I’ve believed in people and opportunities that have turned out to be worth the shit on the bottom of my shoe, so in an effort to protect myself, I’ve turned into a complete cynic. My father finds it sad, my friends call it crazy, but I know what it is, and that my friends, is all that matters. 

Now, lets see what unfortunate incidence comes out of hiding. Smh.


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