Married to the Mob Summer 09

While I am a big fan of women’s streetwear brand Married to the Mob, I’ve got to say they produce the same stuff every season. Although I’m excited their expanding by adding more cut and sewn pieces in the mix this season (swimsuits, skirts, rompers, etc), I’m a little disappointed they haven’t reached far enough into the creative portions of their minds to reinvent the tee shirts designs a lot of us have come to love.

With their summer collection look book flying all over the web yesterday I couldn’t help but think to myself I’ve seen this before…”. There is only so many times you can put “Money Over Bitches” on a tee shirt before I start rummaging through my closet and saying “I’ve already got this”.

With Married to the Mob you get the same thing. Ignorant straight shooting messages with the same verbiage and script that always have the word BITCH somewhere in the mix. Not that anything is wrong with that, I own tons of MOB stuff, but it would be nice to see them venture in a different path with some of their designs.

The stuff is starting to look a bit redundant dontcha think?

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Anna Sui

Anna Sui

One of my favorite designers Anna Sui is slated to be the next designer to create a capsule collection for Target. I wasn’t too terribly excited about the Alexander McQueen Target collection basically because all the garments looked like stuff I could find at my local Forever XXI Crackhouse. Just because a piece of clothing has a big time designers label on it, does not mean it’s original people!

The collection is said to launch online and in 250 Target stores on September 13. Anna’s clothes never lack originality and flair. She brings out my inner hippie goddess and I hope she brings out yours as well!

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Whatever Lola wants…

May 11, 2009

Marc Jacobs is a great designer. He’s also a great businessman. He not only runs his Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs empire, he’s also creative director of luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Although he’s awesome, I’m not so sure about his fragrances…

Lola by Marc Jacobs

Lola by Marc Jacobs

A couple months ago I tried out his Daisy perfume because I thought the bottle was pretty. Stupid, yes indeed, but don’t play me like you haven’t ever bought anything because you thought it looked pretty in the bottle…Needless to say the smell didn’t sit well with me and I haven’t used it since. But Mr. Jacobs is slated to be releasing a new scent entitled Lola. Something tells me I’m about to make another decision and buy it not only because the bottle would look great on my vanity, but more so because who could ever pass up something named Lola.

We’ll see how this goes…