Madison Harding: The Reason I Love Shoes.

June 4, 2009

Picture 28

Picture 27I love shoes.

I could care less about clothing, because with any outfit dumpy or otherwise, the right pair of shoes can make the clothing your wearing 10 million times more appealing. Buying the perfect pair of J Brand Jeans or saving up for a Chanel bag is a nice thought, but in my world copping a pair of those Louis Vuitton ‘Spicey’ sandals or some nice Jimmy Choo’s is way more gratifying. I’m just saying…

Often times us women bend over backwards and shell out a grotesque amount of cash for the perfect shoe. For me it begins with seeing this shoe and instantly beginning to drool. But then that salivation suddenly stops when economic times and my bank account forces me to be the adult I so desperately don’t want to act like, to take a look at that dreaded price tag. Christian Louboutin will run you about $300 to upwards of thousands of dollars for a simple pump, and those Louis shoes I’m craving have a price tag that STARTS at about $1500. Epic failure, right?! Well thanks to Madison Harding, us ladies can buy drool worthy designer shoes for a fraction of the price. SCORE!

Picture 29

With shoes from the line running from $100 to about $300, the duo of Hilary Rosenman and Barri Budden (who design the line together), have brought to us ladies the chance to grab some amazing shoes at a fraction of the price we’d pay for big name designers. Yes, they aren’t on the level of Chanel or Balenciaga, but with connections in the New York fashion scene and an underground following, their on the way to becoming house hold names.

bleeker baxtor

You can find Madison Harding at Blue & Cream, Free People, and their also coming to a Nordstroms near you.

Pictures via The Cut


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