Goodbye Max Factor.

June 5, 2009

Goodbye Max FactorWell they won’t be gone forever. Now if you enjoy the popular and longstanding drugstore line of cosmetics you’ll only be able to get it overseas. Proctor & Gamble announced that they are discontinuing the distribution of Max Factor Cosmetics in the US and will only sell it overseas where the brand is quite popular. Instead P&G will focus on building their Cover Girl brand domestically and push Max Factor in the 20 countries where it’s a big hit, including Russia and the United Kingdom.

I’ll sure miss spending my cash on the super bright eyeshadows they manufacture, especially the colored mascara I damn near depended on in high school.

Ta Ta Max Factor! It’s been fun!

via The Cut


One Response to “Goodbye Max Factor.”

  1. jennifer said

    i’ve noticed this, which is why fred meyer is the truth for now. i’ve used their concealer for years! nothing else works as good. now that i’ve read this i’m wondering how long will it be before fred meyer can’t stock shelves anymore and i can’t get my #25???
    R.I.P. M.F. ):

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