Phi: 2010 Resort Collection

June 5, 2009

16I’m going to be honest. I rarely pay attention to Resort or Cruise collections in fashion. I’m more of a Fall/Winter or a Spring/Summer type girl, so Resort stuff usually blows right over my head. Until right about now.

Phi (pronounced ‘fee’) was formed in 2003 by Susan Dell (who happens to be the wife of computer giant Michael Dell) and is designed by a Norwegian Andreas Melbostad, who has previously worked with the likes of Donna Karen and Yves St. Laurent. The line is very reminiscent of the 80’s and draws many of their silhouettes from the era, while remaining masculine in the tailoring of their clothing.

I’m really excited about their Resort Collection I just spotted over in NYMag. The collection is very edgy in their use of leather, but pops with tiny bursts of color in each garment. The pieces looking like great transitioning pieces for fall. Totally drool worthy!

Check after the jump for more looks!





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  1. Oooo! Thanks! Love, Goddess

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