The Award Tour.

June 5, 2009

The Award Tour by Phillip T. Annand

The Award Tour by Phillip T. Annand

There are many people that inspire me. Most of the time these individuals share only one similar quality amongst them, that being their unapologetic and constant pursuit of their dreams and the goals they make for themselves. Some are young, some are old, but one thing always remains the same: their grind.

It should be relatively known to everyone that meets me that I’m pretty much addicted to all things creative. I love sharing the discoveries I find and try my damnedest to educate the people that want to learn. Well here is someone we all should know and aspire to be like.

His name is Phillip T. Annand, and he is a college student attending New Jersey based Rutgers University. He’s not one of those college students just going to class, keg parties, and procrastinating with studying, no, what makes Phil (can I call him that?) special is that he’s basically running his own clothing line called The Award Tour straight out of his dorm room.

Yes, you read that correct. Unapologetic grinding. Constant pursuit of a dream.

I started reading his Hypebeast blog (the sure sign you’ve made it!) a couple months ago right when Kevin Ma, Editor in Chief of the blog first offered him the chance to spread the good news of The Award Tour, and I’ve been intrigued by his humility ever since. Often times you see someone so driven and you expect them to be completely obsessed and overwhelmed with their dream, but with Phil you get the opposite. You’ve got a kid who’s basically working his behind off to build a line while at the same time going to school, and still living a normal life. Refreshing!


Check out Phillip’s line The Award Tour, and make sure to also get inspired by his Hypebeast blog. I sure have!


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