Sneaker Freaker: ‘Is High Fashion the New SB?’.

June 11, 2009

Is High Fashion the New SB?

Is High Fashion the New SB?

Disclaimer: This article was written for online magazine M.I.S.S. Omni Media. All images and words are property of that magazine. If you would like to see the original, please view it via the M.I.S.S. website HERE.

There is no doubt in my mind that high fashion influences low fashion and vice versa.  In Issue #15 of Sneaker Freaker Magazine, the sneaker enthusiasts take a deep look into the phenomenon that is the high end sneaker in the feature ‘Is High Fashion Really the New SB?’. The article examines the many ways in which high end fashion has influenced the sneaker game and in turn how the sneaker culture and low end fashion has caused luxury labels to go back to the drawing board and create a little something for the streets.

Is Louis Vuitton the New SB?

Is Louis Vuitton the New SB?

Taking an in depth look at a few of the worlds most prestigious luxury brands and their past and present involvement in the sneaker world, are none other than a few of our favorite women. Tee from TrashBag Aesthetics/Trenddoll covering the Kanye West favored Louis Vuitton, Claw Money of Blogue covering Gucci, and our very own Miss Mama reporting on Chanel are not only outstanding voices in the article, but they also happen to be apart of our ‘Women Making History’ series here at M.I.S.S. Crew.

This article is filled to the brim with information, insight, and not to mention tons of pictures of the illest kicks in the land. From my personal favorites Lanvin, and Jeremy Scott all the way down to the M.I.S.S. 2009 Calendar ‘Chanails’ featuring Chanel sneakers, this feature has got it all.

Is Chanel the New SB?

Is Chanel the New SB?

A little high end, a little low end, and a whole lot of drooling over the most covented kicks on the planet isn’t a bad way to kill some time. What do you think?


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