Trend Alert: Oxfords

June 12, 2009

The New Flat.

The New Flat.

Hand Made in California

Hand Made in California

I’ve been a fan of Oxford shoes for awhile now. Known often as a trend for men, the Oxford is slowly but surely making its way through the fashion hierarchy and onto the streets. Throughout the summer, I’m pretty sure the popular mens shoe will be popping up on women. Pair them with a flowing summer dress, cropped cigarette pants, and even cut off shorts, this trend is just another stop on the road for women to completely taking over mens wear.

After a recent visit from California shoe designer George Esquivel, the ladies at Vogue decided to create a ‘What Not to Do’ list concerning the Oxford shoe, and highlight some of their favorite Esquivel Oxfords.

Take a look at the list and a few of my favorite oxfords after the jump.

1. “Putting flat lace-ups with a wide-leg trouser or jean is a very dated way to wear them,” says Jane Herman, Fashion Writer. “Instead, try a cropped pant.”

2. “This should not be a Wall Street look,” states Filipa Fino, Senior Accessories Editor. “Let the men wear them with suits. Women should wear them with feminine pieces.”

3. “Don’t match the colors of your shoe to your outfit,” suggests Izzie Burch, Fashion Assistant. “These are playful—do the unexpected.”

4. “Avoid socks!” says  Jill Demling, Entertainment Editor. “That’s my only rule!

Picture 6

Picture 5


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