Miss Saigon & Saigon Customs.

June 19, 2009

Saigon Customs - Elephant

Saigon Customs - Elephant

Disclaimer: This article was written for online magazine M.I.S.S. Omni Media. All images and words are property of that magazine. If you would like to see the original, please view it via the M.I.S.S. website HERE.

If I could ask a genie in a bottle for anything, anything at all, I would probably ask him for the talent to be as artistically inclined as sneaker customizing extraordinaire Miss Saigon. Born in Vietnam circa 1974 and raised by her adoptive parents in a suburb of Paris, Miss Saigon is a force to be reckoned with on the custom sneaker circuit.

Having made her home in a variety of the worlds greatest cities, Saigon has a resume that most would kill for. Finding her love of the visual arts in London, and from there venturing to L.A. to pursue that love, Miss Saigon found herself enrolled in school studying Fine Arts. From there she made her way to the Big Apple working as a production assistant and model for the Fashion Institute of Technology, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

Saigon Customs - Geisha

Saigon Customs - Geisha

After getting married and having her first child in 1998, Miss Saigon and family moved to Philadelphia where the artist dabbled a bit in the underground music scene performing and participating in open mic sessions with the likes of Music Soulchild, Gil Scott, and Rich Medina. But the high stress of the music indusrty and her responsibilities as a mother found her right back to her roots: visual art.
Taking various jobs in the fashion industry, one of which includes Miskeen, a clothing company which hand paints their line of shirts and jeans for retailers such as Macy’s, Miss Saigon formed Saigon Customs in 2008, and shortly after became the winner of “Best Custom Themed Sneaker” during the International Sneaker Battle hosted by Funk Master Flex.

Miss Saigon is a talent that I believe many should recognize. Presently she utilizes Saigon Customs as a way to illustrate her obvious talent and artistic flair. Being featured on Female Sneaker Fiend, Sole Heaven, and Chicks in Kicks, Saigon has developed an instinctive style and eye for custom sneakers and wishes to invoke imagination to all who see them. She is looking forward to showcasing her unique line of work at artistic venues around the world, and I for one am excited to see the goodness!


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