China Glaze Presents ‘Retro Diva’.

June 25, 2009

nailssDisclaimer: This article was written for online magazine M.I.S.S. Omni Media. All images and words are property of that magazine. If you would like to see the original, please view it via the M.I.S.S. website HERE.

The 70’s were a good time. A time of bell bottoms, Studio 54, and according to China Glaze the ‘Retro Diva’. This Fall the popular nail polish brand is set to release their Retro Diva collection, a shimmering, high shine compilation of twelve shades paying tribute to the decade of free spirit. With a price tag of $6.50 a piece, this collection is sure to please, and take you to a place where love was all you needed. The collection will be released in early July at beauty supply stores nationwide.

Stay tuned for a M.I.S.S. photo shoot featuring the China Glaze ‘Retro Diva’ collection, it’s sure to be a stunner!


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