Kanye West x Louis Vuitton: Is it Worth It?

June 25, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Highsnobiety produced this small video in anticipation for the big release of the Louis Vuitton x Kanye West collaboration this month that sneaker heads all over the world have been drooling on. Living up to the LV standard of luxury, I have to admit the design of the shoe is pretty cool, especially the high tops. Though I’m pretty sure the average American consumer probably won’t be able to even think of affording this luxury sneaker, it makes me wonder what the standard of ‘cool’ is. Sneaker Freaker recently did a feature that I had the opportunity to write about for M.I.S.S. Omni Media, questioning if Luxury sneakers was equivalent to the how cool it use to be to have a Nike Air Force 1 or a Nike Dunk.

With luxury labels such as Lanvin, Gucci, and even Chanel jumping in line to create shoes for the ‘urban’ crowd and then in turn that crowd viewing the Jay Z’s and Kanyes of the world becoming fans of these shoes, one must take time and think about how this is affecting what we consider to be exclusive. Exclusivity is the name of the game when it comes to people and their shoe selections, especially sneaker heads. Watching my friends and some of my family members take long road trips and stand in even longer lines to obtain shoes they believed to be exclusive, can do one of two things to a person watching this. It can either make you appreciate the lengths people go through to keep up what some consider a hobby, or it can make you question the hobby in general.

I’m not entirely sure what the release of the LV x Kanye West sneaker will do to the sneaker world, but I do know with the lowest shoe price beginning at about $800+ I’m interested to see what lengths people will go through to obtain them. Is it really worth it?


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