100 Girls on Polaroid.

July 15, 2009

100 Girls on Polaroid

100 Girls on Polaroid

In the creative world, especially the world of fashion, there is a constant standard of perfection that is pushed and pulled in several directions making it almost impossible to ever attain. In terms we all can understand: there is a ridiculously high standard of what people believe is perfection. You see it in magazines, on the internet, and even in store. Models and muses alike are digitally inhanced and manipulated in photography, with the purpose that consumers will believe thse products are as flawless in the photos as they are in reality.

Bringing authenticity and a unique touch that remains timeless, Alexander Gnadinger brings us his book entitled ‘100 Girls on Polaroid’, his collection of polaroid photos of models behind the scenes of Fashion weeks here and abroad. Showcasing Polaroid’s uncanny ability to display unaltered reality, Gnadinger photos are a freeze frame in time displaying art as it should be, unaltered, untouched, and completely spontaneous.

To see more check out Alexander’s portfolio online.



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