Artwork by David Garibaldi

Artwork by David Garibaldi

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Michael Jackson was an entertainment icon of international status. His fan base spans the world, so it makes complete sense in my mind that his untimely death shook not only the United States, where he found a cultivated his fame, but also every corner of the globe where he was considered by many a legend.

Over the past week, there has been extensive media coverage of the King of Pop’s sudden death, so much in fact that coverage has become redundant. You see the same memorials and tributes remixed and done over several times, the same questions regarding the guardianship of his children being asked and analyzed, and personally I’ve also noticed the ever prevalence of his past troubles somewhat overshadowing his positive contributions to society.

After a week of tribute specials, magazine covers, and documentaries about Jackson’s life, fans and foes from around the globe tuned in to a final farewell in the form of the Michael Jackson Memorial which took place in California this past Tuesday. Coverage of the event was extensive, probably one of the biggest covered events I’ve seen in my entire life, with colleagues, friends and admirers of Jackson all paying their last respects to a man Barry Gordy called “the greatest entertainer of all time”.
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