I need a moment…

April 14, 2009

I got a nice little surprise today on Twitter from Cassie ‘Diddy’s Ball Tickler’ Ventura (that was mean, but I couldn’t help it. so bite me.). Unless you think your eyes are playing nasty tricks on you, as you can see that is indeed her half bald head in the picture above. She took a stand and dared to be different by cutting off a portion of her hair. Not that there is anything wrong with wanting to do something drastic and changing your image, but something tells me that this just wasn’t for her…this shit smells like a gimmick.

Lets all be honest, the music industry (especially predominately urban markets of Hip Hop and R&B) is in a very shitty state now a days.  The lack of real talent is obvious so artists, producers, and record companies alike have taken to following a different path to get their art recognized and their records sold. We as fans have now been to watching these said ‘celebrities’ being reduced to putting on shows for paparazzi by parading who their sleeping with, drastically changing their outward appearance, and finally by making shitty ass music and passing it off as ‘art’.

Do not get me wrong. I’m all for change, being your own person, and not giving a flying fuck what everyone else thinks of your life. But I find it hard to shut the hell up when something doesn’t sit right with me. I hate being played for a fool and as a lover of all things artistic (ESPECIALLY MUSIC), I cannot sit by any longer while people that are placed in positions to do amazing things DON’T. Its disgusting, and it’s sad.

I think Cassie’s new hair cut is Ok. It’s not a haircut I would have imagined on her, but she’s doing what she wants and I have to respect that. It’s just really hard for me actually trust and believe that this wasn’t a stunt to sell records or for her to become more popular and get a little exposure. I’ve seen it happen too many times before. The examples of this fuckery are endless.

Christina Milliblonde and The Nightmare The Dream
Mariah Carey and Deacon Nick Cannon,
The Rick ‘Tittie Gravy’ Ross and 50 Cent brawl

Just to name a few…

I’m just wondering when we’re going to allow the art to speak for itself. I’m getting tired of the media deciding who should be famous. I don’t give a shit about who you’re fucking, what your hair looks like or who’s ass you beat. If your music speaks to me, thats really all I care about…

Please excuse the curse words. I was mad…=)


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